Support Jewish Heritage

South Florida has a rich Jewish culture that thrives from as far north as Jupiter all the way to Key Largo. Whether it’s family, next door neighbors, members of the same temple, or classmates, our Jewish family is strong and can be found throughout the tri-county area. It’s important to continue growing, educating, and uplifting our jewish heritage and culture—that’s why South Florida Donation Center has dedicated itself to helping our most vulnerable members. Through our community’s generous donations, we’ve been able to provide for members in need across South Florida. Discover how you can help support your Jewish heritage today with South Florida Donation Center.

Jewish History in South Florida

The first known Jewish people made their way to Florida in 1763. When Florida would gain statehood in 1845, there would be no more than 100 Jews throughout the entire state. By 1928, that number would reach 10,000. That number would continue to skyrocket, with over 600,000 Jewish person’s calling Florida “home” by 2018—and growing.

Since October 2014, South Florida’s Jewish community is larger than Atlanta-Georgia Jewish community and many other cultural hubs for jewish people in the United States. 

Tzedakah Donation Pickups

Tzedakah is the Jewish obligation to charitable giving, helping those within your community who need the assistance. South Florida Donation Center fully embraces the concept of Tzedakah, by providing our free donation pick up services to community members, they’re able to donate their excess belongings that they no longer need and give them to another family that’s fallen on hard times and could benefit greatly. 

While it may not carry on in the ways of the old world, Tzedakah still holds true in Jewish communities around the world. South Florida Donation Center Is proud to uphold and continue the tradition through the South Florida area. Those interested in donating gently used clothing, furniture, and other items can do so through our free donation pick up service. We work closely with people across South Florida to schedule their donation pick up when it’s most convenient for them. 

Supporting Phenomenal Jewish Charities

South Florida Donation Center has had the pleasure of working with some absolutely incredible partners that aim to help grow and uplift the lives of South Florida’s Jewish communities alongside us. Some of our Jewish donation pick up partners include:

  • B’nai Brith International
  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation
  • Jewish Community Services Of South Florida
  • Miami Beach & Soref JCCs
  • Miami Jewish Health Systems

You can learn more about each of our donation partners here!

Schedule Your Donation and Make A Difference Today 

With South Florida Donation Center, we make it possible for you to help give back to your community. Thanks to our free donation pick up services, all you have to do is contact us today! Our Jewish donation pickup team will schedule your pickup on a date/time that works best for you. Simply pack everything together, note what’s for donation, and leave it for our team to do the heavy lifting—it’s that simple!

What Can (And Can’t) I Donate?

Our donation services are meant to help our community’s most vulnerable members, which is why we accept donations for items that will really benefit them. Our most commonly accepted items include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Draperies
  • Books
  • Art
  • Computers

At this time we do not accept the following items for donation: 

  • Dishwashers
  • Box TVs
  • Water Beds
  • Wall Units
  • Paint and Chemicals
  • Cleaning Solvents

Schedule your donation pickup by using our quick and simple online scheduling tool today!