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Start The Year Clutter Free

As the new year gets underway, you’ve probably noticed your home is more cramped than ever. While barely noticeable, we collect more and more things each and every year, accumulating it all in our bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, garages, and attics. Before you know it, you’re dodging boxes, furniture, and other knick knacks just to reach your refrigerator. Don’t start the new year stressed over your stuff, and begin 2022 by decluttering your home. This January, take the space back in your house for good and make it a point to start the year clutter free.

Make Way For New Belongings

While shopping you might notice the perfect couch for your home, or pair of shoes that you just couldn’t live without. Unfortunately, the realization settles in that you really have no space in your home to put it. Whether it’s a closet that’s stuffed to the brim or a living room that couldn’t afford another piece of furniture even if you rearranged it 100 times, there’s nothing you can do. Actually, there is: make way for new belongings by moving on from your older belongings. While that one ottoman may have treated you to plenty of comfortable nights, it’s time to move on from it! Any items in your home that are severely worn in or significantly damaged should be thrown out, whereas items that are still in good condition can easily be donated back to your community for another family to enjoy just as much as you did.

Discover Newfound Space

Since you live every day in your home, it’s hard to take a step back and realize that you’re minimizing your space with everything in your home, however the moment you really notice, you’ll find your house overflowing with stuff you either don’t need or don’t enhance your life in any way, shape, or form. By removing this clutter from your house, you’ll realize it’s far more spacious than you’ve ever imagined.

Uplift Your Community In The Process

While you could try selling your belongings through an online marketplace or a yard sale, you’ll find it far more difficult than anticipated. You could spend far more time and effort just trying to move the items that it just isn’t worth the dollars you might get out of it. Instead, consider donating your clutter items and help give back to your community with South Florida Donation Center. By donating to South Florida Donation Center, you’re able to help uplift our own community members in need.

Schedule Your Donation Pickup Today

Take the first steps towards decluttering your home with South Florida Donation Center today by submitting your donation pickup request online. From there, our team will reach out to confirm your pickup date and time. Once confirmed, simply place your donations together and our team will handle the rest! Questions? Contact South Florida Donation Center today online or give us a call at +1 (888) 626-6580.

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