importance of hanukkah

The Importance of Hanukkah

The Hanukkah holiday has begun and it’s important to realize the importance of Hanukkah and what it means to be a part of the Jewish community. To many, the importance of Hanukkah and what it means has slowly diminished into nothing more than eight nights of gifts. The “Festival of Lights”, better known today as Hanukkah, is an eight-day celebration that commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple. 

The holiday of Hanukkah has both spiritual and historical importance and it’s important for people who celebrate the holiday to understand what they are celebrating. The holiday shouldn’t just be seen as a “Jewish version of Christmas”. 


Historical Significance 

When the Syrian-Greeks invaded Jerusalem, they also took over the Holy Temple which was the main place of worship for the Jewish people. After they took their land, they forced the Jewish people to forgo their religion and start practicing Greek beliefs. The Syrian-Greeks desecrated the Holy Temple and put into law that it was forbidden to practice Judaism. 

The Jewish people have essentially had their town overrun and were then told they couldn’t practice the religion they had known for so many years. 

Instead of just giving up and accepting what had happened to them, the Jewish people decided to rebel against their oppressors. A small army, which was led by one Judah the Maccabee, fought back against the Syrian-Greeks and were able to take back both Jerusalem and the Holy Temple. 

This history shows how the importance of Hanakkuh is more than just a gift-giving holiday. This courageous act saved both their homeland and the religion that is still practiced today.


Spiritual Significance

Once the temple was re-taken, they had found it almost completely destroyed. A menorah was lit to help light the way as they began to clean the temple and restore it to what it once was. The oil that was used in the menorah was special, purified oil, and there was only enough for one day. It ended up lasting for eight days, which was enough time for them to purify more oil and keep the temple lit. This is why Hanukkah is also referred to as the “Festival of Lights”, to signify the miracle that happened. 

The importance of Hanukkah is also for Jews to take time and reflect on who they are and rededicate themselves to the faith. 


The Importance Of Giving This Hanukkah

The importance of Hanukkah goes back many years and while it’s not required in order to celebrate the holiday, giving and donating go a long way to help less fortunate Jewish individuals who wish to celebrate the holiday properly. 

The South Florida Donation Center is a great Jewish charity that gives back to the Jewish community all year round. We offer free pickup services and accept almost all forms of household items. We make sure all items go to families that are in need. This helps Jewish families in need celebrate Hanukkah in the best way they can. 


Want To Donate?

If you want to donate this Hanukkah, reach out to the South Florida Donation Center. Our pickup services will make it easier than ever to give and it cost nothing to do so. Reach us through our contact page and we’ll make sure the items go to families in need!

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