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A Few Tips On How To Make An Estate Cleanout Easier

Find And Reserve All Important Information & Documents

Things like wills, estate plans, bills, birth certificates and other documents can easily get lost in the mess of an estate cleanout. Be sure to comb through the house and search for all important files and documentation before you begin to throw or give things away. 

Be Thorough

When you are searching for important documents, keep an eye out for jewelry and cash. Oftentimes, especially with the older generations, money can be found stashed in socks, drawers, under mattresses, and other secret locations. 

Look For Sentimental Items

Make sure to keep an eye out for sentimental items such as family albums or heirlooms. These types of items will most likely be thrown away by others, so if they have any meaning to you it is best to grab them early on and remove them from the estate. 

When Cleaning Out An Estate With Your Family, Be Fair

It’s a difficult time to have to go through such a thing, but fighting over items is not going to make it any easier. Having everyone put some thought into items they want to keep vs items they are ok with giving or throwing away is a great idea. It keeps everyone organized and calm. Respect others while doing this, as they may be having a hard time processing all of the emotions connected to the items. 

Donate Old Items & Clothing

You can contact us to ask about donation items that we accept here. Sift through old furniture and clothes and make a neat pile of items that are acceptable to donate. Do not donate items that are dirty with stains or holes in them. Furniture should be in good condition as well. Do not donate broken items or anything that looks like it should be thrown away. If it is an item that it no longer usable, it should be dumped or recycled.  

Hire A Professional Estate appraiser to help you get organized

Professional estate appraisers will be able to appropriately price items like jewelry, rugs, furniture, and more. The items that you decide not to donate can be sold. They will help you stay organized and even manage the event and speak with clients. 

Do Not Go About It Alone 

Things will go much more smoothly if you have help. Ask your friends and family to assist you during this difficult time. They will likely be more than happy to assist and will help you make better decisions about what to keep, sell, and donate. 

Schedule A Free Donation Pickup With South Florida Donation Center

After the estate has been cleaned out and the sale is complete, you may have items that did not sell. Call Community Family Thrift to come pick up your items. We offer the best, most efficient donation pickup around South Florida. This will leave you with one less thing to worry about. 

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