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How To Repair Wicker Furniture Before Donating

At South Florida Donation Center, we sell all sorts of home goods and supplies, clothes, toys, jewelry, and more. If you are looking to donate any pre-owner wicker furniture, be sure that it is in good condition before scheduling a donation. If you’ve recently purchased any wicker furniture that needs to be repaired as well, then keep reading!

Wicker furniture can become brittle and damaged with age or overuse. Thankfully  it’s easy to repair with materials available at most craft stores. When the weaving on your wicker furniture is coming undone, the best thing to do before donating or after thrifting it is to repair it. Keep reading to find out how to repair a wicker chair.

The first thing you will need to do is  purchase a wicker or wood glue kit, or a wicker repair kit at your local store. There are plenty of options and you can just pick the one that best suits the type of chair and material you have. 

To fix a wicker chair with a hole in it, you will first need to examine your wicker chair to see what needs to be done. Does it need to be completely redone, or are there just parts of it that need to be replaced? 

Examine the wicker for minor splits or edges of wicker sticking out that can be easily corrected with glue. Apply the special wicker or wood glue to ends of the damaged pieces using a small brush, then press the glued ends together. Hold the glue in place with some painter’s tape until the glue completely dries.

If your chair needs to be totally re-wickered, then go to the store and purchase a re-wickering kit. Be sure that the wicker is the right size for your furniture. Find an article or Youtube video that is easy to follow and get to work re-wickering your chair.  If you do not already own these tools, then you will need to purchase a caning wedge, a hammer, a screwdriver, a utility knife, sandpaper, and proper glue.

To simply restore or maintain your wicker chair’s glow, give the chair a good wash and then let it dry out in the sun or under a fan. Once dry, you can coat the chair in linseed oil and let it sit. When it has sat for a few moments, wipe down the chair and remove any excess oil. 

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