Month: June 2021

All About Our Incredible Donation Partners

Here at South Florida Donation Center, we’re proud of the work we do in uplifting the lives of our fellow community members through our donation pickup services. We’ve made it our mission to assist our community and help those in need. To do so,

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When Is It Time To Donate Something?

There comes a time in the lifespan of all our possessions when it’s time to decide whether it’s time to move on or not. Whether we’ve outgrown its usefulness, or it just doesn’t fit, it’s a perfect opportunity to donate it if it’s in

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Why Donate Your Items To South Florida Donation Center

For over 40 years, South Florida Donation Center has proudly led the charge in offering the easiest and most convenient ways to give back to your community. We’ve worked with families across the tri-county area to assist in handling their donating and getting them

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It is easy to donate

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