Closet Spring Cleaning Guide

As Winter comes to an end and Spring begins to take over, it’s a perfect time to take stock of your home and dig into spring cleaning. After you’ve cleared out the refrigerator and scrubbed the bathroom spotless, it’s time to tackle the closet. Spring cleaning your closet is a daunting and difficult task Before diving into your closet, take these steps to make it a breeze. 

Embrace The Space

We know letting go of your clothes is hard. You may have gotten a shirt from a great vacation or there are great clothes that mean a lot to you.  If it’s beginning to overwhelm your closet, it’s time to clean it out and embrace the space. Clear your mind and envision the closet of your dreams. The added space will open up so many opportunities for new clothes to take the space and completely revamp your wardrobe!

Work Your Way Down

The best way to tackle closet spring cleaning is to start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. Typically, we store clothes on top that we’ll never wear again but just can’t say goodbye to. They hold sentimental value or bring back good memories. Unfortunately, they’re last years style ordon’t fit, etc. With closet spring cleaning, the goal is to clear it out. While you’ll try to convince yourself that you loved those jeans, it’s time to donate them to someone who will love them now. 

Once you’ve cleared through the top, it’s time to move to the rack, where difficult decisions will be made. You’ll have your must-haves and some that could be replaced. It’s important to pick your new clothes and the clothes you just absolutely can’t give up, and separate them from the rest. 

Toss, Sell, or Donate?

Now that you’ve got your clothes that you’re not going to keep following your closet spring cleaning, what do you do with them? You could just toss them away, but several pieces are still in fantastic shape. While you do have the ability to sell them, there’s plenty of benefits to donating rather than selling. Before boxing and bagging up your clothes to donate, make sure to separate anything that’s ripped, stained, worn out, etc. These pieces you’ll want to throw away, but anything in good condition is perfect to donate. 

By donating your clothes, not only are you clearing space in your home, but you’re giving back to the community around you. If you’re interested in helping your community, you can schedule your free donation pickup for your spring cleaning clothes with South Florida Donation Center. Our team will assist in picking up your closet spring cleaning clothes that you’d like to donate. Simply contact us today at 1-888-626-6580 to get started!

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