Benefits Of Donating Vs. Selling

There’s no better time than spring to really declutter the home and get rid of anything unwanted, unused, and unneeded. There’s plenty of things we no longer wear but keep, and plenty of things filling up the attic or garage just collecting dust. This is the opportunity to clear some space and reorganize your home. While you could try selling it, there’s significant benefits to donating it that outweigh trying to sell it. Before selling your belongings, consider the benefits of donating to a long standing South Florida  charity to benefit the Jewish community.

Quick And Simple

When you plan on selling your unused and unwanted items, there’s a few steps you have to take. You’ve got to list it online, find a buyer, agree on a price, then figure out if you need to ship it or transport it. This can be a process that drags on for longer than you’d like, especially if you’re trying to open up more space in your place. When you use a local donation center in South Florida, all you have to do is schedule your pickup and a team will come to collect. A team will load the items up into their truck, and take it to the donation center. It’s out of your hair right away, and you don’t have to worry about transporting it.

You’re Giving Back To Your Community

When you choose to donate your belongings, you’re giving those less fortunate within the  Local South Florida Jewish community. While you will get some money from selling, there’s no better feeling than knowing you can touch so many lives by simply supporting our mission and donating items that benefit  all ages and beliefs  here in South Florida. What you may no longer appreciate or enjoy might make all the difference for someone.

Clear Mind Guaranteed

Selling your personal belongings is an exhausting and lengthy process. You may go through the entire process and not end up with a sale. When you donate, you get to clear that space right away. That freedom and time gained back gives you the chance to clear out more space and do what you want with it. Decluttering your home or office helps you concentrate easier on the tasks at hand, rather than everything building up. You’ll open up that much needed space in your home to do more with it, whether that be your closet, garage, living room or bedroom. 

If you’re ready to schedule your  donation to  B’nai B’rith, City Of Hope, Miami Jewish Health, JCC or Jewish Family Services in South Florida, simply contact South Florida Donation Center today at 1-888-626-6580 or!

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