Items You Can’t Believe People Have Donated

You know how good it feels to finally organize that back bedroom. It looks great. Now, what are you going to do with all the items that no longer have a place in your home? Most people take gently used shoes, clothing, and books to donation centers for resell. What about that cheese head hat from the Packers game, though? Yes, it can also be donated. Here are some of the most bizarre and unusual items that make their way to donation pickup near me and resell shops:


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remember that when you consider ‘art’ like a dog sculpture made of faucet handles and golf clubs. It’s not like you could just throw away that treasured piece of inspiration that you welded together while hanging out with friends, right?

The artwork that doubles as a lamp should go to a good home, too. Creative and thought-provoking, the doll head lamp is made of several severed doll heads and assorted other limbs, glued onto a green glass shade. This would make an interesting ice-breaker in your office.

No home decor is complete without a crystal bat. No, not a ball bat – a literal fruit bat. Encased in a globe of glass filled with resin, this tasteful piece of art will complement any room in your basement or attic.

Body Parts

Some people donate shoes to these resell shops. Others donate the whole leg. Artificial limbs, complete with the sock and shoe have known to turn up in donation centers from time to time. Science skeletons have made their way into the sales aisles, as well as fake bones. There are also plenty of leg braces, arm slings, wheelchairs, and crutches.

Wigs are also a popular item in these donation pickup near me. Curly, short and sassy, long-hair, and in any imaginable color, these items are perfect for karaoke night with friends, Halloween, or blind dates.

Dentures and glass eyes also show up from time to time in these centers. Sure, they may not fit correctly and they may be the wrong color – but what a bargain. These items take ‘DIY makeovers’ to a whole new level.


Strangely enough, coffins are among the unusual finds that come through the back doors of these centers. Beautiful, soft interior, cozy pillow and nice covering, you must assume that maybe they didn’t like the color? Was it purchased on clearance and maybe they couldn’t return it? The questions are endless.

More disconcerting than the coffins are the urns. A picture of ‘Fluffy’ and an inscription graces the treasure-chest shaped box. ‘Fluffy’ is looking for her fur-ever home, it seems. Urns that have permanently sealed lids are hard to resist. Even the most sedate person will have to shake them, wondering if there are ashes inside. Who would donate Uncle Fred to a thrift store? More absurd than that question- who would buy him?

Valuable Items

Some lucky shoppers run across great deals in the aisles of these shops. One happy guy found a signed Picasso print. Not knowing what he had, he paid $14 for the framed print. Later he sold it for over $7000. Others have found paintings from the 1600’s and abstract art from famous painters worth over $34,000. Original movie posters hidden behind framed works, canvases stashed in the bottom of a sofa-bed – there is no telling where you may find a priceless piece of art.

Costly or Costume? The jewelry found in most thrift shops is usually costume jewelry – sparkly and pretty, but worthless. However, you may be one of the gifted shoppers who spots one of the 900 Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm watches, worth over $35,000. Another shopper bought a pretty brooch for her daughter, only to find out it was from Russian royalty. It sold for $43,000. How wonderful would it be to be the lady who bought what she assumed was a costume piece that resembled a large diamond, only to later find out it was a 26-carat diamond from the 1800’s. This treasure netted her $455,000.

A picture is worth a thousand words – or dollars, if it contains the right subjects. One of only two authenticated Billy the Kid photos ( a tin type) was purchased in a resell shop by an eagle-eyed shopper. It was bought for a dollar. It has now been appraised at over $5 million.

Authentic Faberge eggs, early American pottery, Elvis handbags and more, have been discovered in the bins, on the racks, and inside books at these stores. You have surely heard of suitcases being purchased by thrifty travelers. Once the cases were open, thousands of dollars were found stored inside. Many women have purchased pocketbooks only to discover jewelry and money hidden in secret pockets.

Seniors who survived the depression often squirreled away money in coats, purses, and even between the pages of encyclopedias. Unknowing family members who clean out the attics and closets often donate these items, along with the money hidden within, to these resell shops. Maybe you have been one of the lucky purchasers who found money tucked into a lining.

People donate all kinds of items to these stores. For every oddity, there is someone who will purchase it. Facial stimulators resembling a Jason mask with electronic studs, hats with LED lights inside that supposedly regrow hair, and feather topiaries are just a few of the unique items that grace the shelves of these stores, looking for a new home and purpose. If you are in the market for a fertility god from Africa, a genuine pair of banana-leaf flip-flops, or a necklace crafted from volcanic rock, chances are good that you will find what you’re looking for in one of these stores. Of course, you can also find the common set of dishes or a good book. There’s really no telling what you will find. For a donation pickup near me site where you won’t find anything too crazy, contact us today.

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