7 Reasons Why Donating Unwanted Items is the Best Way To Start New Year

Do you know that your trash can be another person’s treasure? As the New Year starts, it is a great time to get fresh with your wardrobe by donating your unwanted items to your favourite local thrift. New Year gives the best time for reflection, re-organization and commitments. By donating, you will be supporting the thrift culture that offers gently used and new clothes and houseware items to the public members at a subsidized cost. Also, thrift culture provides the low-income families with shop for free vouchers, thus uplifting the living standards of kids living in abject poverty. Do you know that you can also reap multiple benefits for yourself by donating unwanted items? Check here why decluttering and donating will get your2021 off to the right start.


  1. You Won’t Need to Pay for a Storage Unit


If you have a lump of unwanted items in the house, you might have realized that storing them is very expensive. In most cases, people rent a separate storage unit for their unwanted items. There is no value of incurring cost to store unwanted items. Good news! You can easily donate these items to thrift, save the storage money and support the thrift culture. Besides, you will save the time and the cost associated with loading of the self-storage units. You must also be surprised that your closets contain some of your favourite clothes that you can introduce them back to your wardrobe. Thus, you will save the money you could have used to replace such an item and still save the storage cost.


  1. Change The Outlook of Your Home New Year


Do you get bored by the outlook and the layout of your home? As they say, change is food as rest. Donating the unwanted housewares and other items is the best excuse to declutter and reorganize your home to look like the New Year. The best way to start the Year is by packing all the good things together and desirably arranging them. It is advisable not to waste time packing the useless knick-knacks that you will not use and which can make your new arrangement untidy. These are the things that you should donate to support the thrifting culture. You will feel the freshness of the new Year if you make your home clutter-free.


  1. You Help the Poor People in the Society at a time Donations are Not Plenty

If you are thinking of helping the poor people in the Society, post-New Year’s donations are the best. You know, people purge a lot of donations in December, which is fantastic, but there are only very few people who donate at the start of the New Year. Doing a post-New Year deep clean means that you are taking the donations to the poor people at the time they are most in need. Your decluttering session and the thrifting culture will benefit people who need warm clothes during February and March. Don’t forget that there is joy in giving. Thus, you will lead a happy life throughout the Year, knowing that you helped the needy when they needed you most.


  1. New Year is the Best Time to Purge New Stuffs


Most people declutter during or before the December holidays, which is good. But do they consider all the new staff they receive during the holidays and which they might classify as clutter? People with friends receive numerous gifts from different friends which some they can’t use. I don’t know about yourself, but this has happened to me multiple times. If you already donated the unwanted items during the December holiday, you must have missed donating such items which means you will live with them as clutters in your house throughout the Year. It is advisable to take stock of what you purchased and received during the holiday and decide what you want to send to a thrift. This will give you enough space for the newest.


  1. You Learn About your Tastes


You classify them as unwanted items because you no longer like them even though you are holding on them. However, you might never know what you like and what you don’t like unless you go through all your items. Still, tastes, styles, and preferences keep evolving and decluttering helps you realize how your taste has evolved. Knowing the items that you like most saves you money that you go purchasing items that are not within your tastes and which you will never use. The thrifting process gives you clues in colours, patterns, and the fabrics you like most.


  1. You Get More Space


The unwanted items in your house are likely giving you mental and physical distractions and obstructions. When most people are working from home, it can be very challenging to work from a desk with piles of stuff surrounding it. That’s said, it is always advisable to start the New Year, by donating the unwanted items. You will not work to your maximum potential when surrounded by so many clutters in your working room. It is normal to feel the urge of cleaning it since failure to handle the mess can leave you with a guilty feeling. The start of New Year is the best time to do this.


  1. Donate and Save the Planet


Donating your unwanted items does not only benefit you and the community, but also it saves the environment. Producing new clothes and items release dangerous gases to the environment. Also, they are produced with materials that can be replenished, and therefore constant production can replenish these resources. However, donating long-lasting new items saves these resources. Also, thrift culture encourages recycling, saving the landfills.


Do you see the reason why you should start the New Year by donating the unwanted stuff? It is not just good for your community and environment, but good to you too. Enjoy the rest of Year as you declutter and donate to thrift culture. When looking for donation pickup near me, contact us today to learn more. 

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