Five Tips to Follow When Decluttering your Home

With the change of fashion, and new home items daily invention, you find yourself with outdated home items or one that you no longer use. So, what do you do with all these items that you no longer use? Perhaps you may think of throwing them away, but is this helpful? Instead of throwing them to trash, it is vital to consider donating them.

Donating home used items to charitable organizations is a win-win situation. You will not only help others, but also you will conserve the environment. Please continue reading to know various ways in which donating used home items can help to save the environment.

Clothing Donation Reduces Landfills

Did you know that donating or re-using old home items can have a positive effect on the environment? According to a study conducted in 2000, the average United States citizen buys 60 percent of clothing items every year, which they keep for a long time. It means that the United States Citizens stock up to 12 million tons of old clothing every year. Now, what can happen if these clothing and home items end-up in landfills where they take an ample amount of very prime space? While it is terrible for the environment, it isn’t very good for municipal budgets too. Operating a landfill is too expensive. Well, if you don’t need these items instead of throwing them to landfills, you better donate them.

Donating Reduces Greenhouses Gases

Did you know that most home items are made up of natural resources and biodegradable materials? Therefore, oxygen is needed to make these items decompose, but landfills trash sites lack the oxygen to catalyze the process. Therefore, it means that the clothing and home items that end up in these places decompose through anaerobic digestion. Well, everyone knows that anaerobic digestion is dangerous to the environment as it results in the emission of hazardous greenhouse gases. Since landfills and other places are not controlled, the gases end up in an environment accelerating climate change.

Home Item Donation Saves Water

The logic here is simple! When you donate home items such as clothes, they will be re-used, reducing the demand for new expensive clothes and items. It means that there will be no need for massive new clothes production since only very few people would need them. Perhaps you never knew that textile industries use an excessive amount of water to produce new clothes. For instance, cotton clothes are popular clothing designs in the United States. Well, the plant that produces cotton clothing is highly a water extensive plant.

On the other hand, donating home items protects water from polluting chemicals hence saving it. You probably know that textile industries release an enormous amount of toxins that are directed in landfills. It means that after the rain pours, it washes these chemicals, carrying them to the groundwater. Controlling the textile industry by donating used home items goes a long way in safeguarding water.

Still, most home items are made up of synthetic materials such as nylon. Production of nylon materials has a lot of hazardous impact on the environment. Its production leads to the emission of greenhouse and also leads to the build-up of microplastic materials in the water system.

Keeps Your Home and Environment Organized

It is a basic sense that you donate your old home items in order to declutter your home. As much as it helps you keep your house in order, it also helps keep the environment organized. If you litter your old items around, you will cause more harm to the environment as they will even block the sewerage system.

Helps to Reduce the Global Carbon Footprint

Instead of donating used home items to charitable organizations, some people burn them in the uncontrolled open air. This is bad for the environment as it releases harmful chemicals to the environment, such as methane and carbon dioxide gases. These two gases contribute to increasing global warming menace.

The production of new home items is hazardous as well. The materials and process of producing these items contribute to the release of dangerous gases in the environment. Production of new items consumes a lot of water and needs a lot of energy, the more energy used means that more gases will be released to the environment. Most textile industries don’t have enough infrastructure to capture the gases produced before releasing them to the environment.

Donating clothes ensures that few clothes will be discarded at landfills. It also provides that the textile industry will only need to produce very few clothes hence, reducing harmful gases in the environment.

Donating Home Items Helps Those in Need

Did you know that your old home items such as clothing are much needed by people living in poverty? Then, there is no need to burn them when other people are in dare need. Also, your donation can be sent to disaster-stricken areas. There are many people affected by war or even natural calamities that have fled their homes without any possession. It is more beneficial to donate your items to them instead of burning them or littering them around destroying the environment.

Donation Help to Create Environmental Friendly Circular Economy

A circular economy is an economy where things do not go to waste, but they are manufactured, used and recycled. Thus, by donating your home used items, you will be contributing to this economy. There is no wastage with a circular economy as everything is used to its maximum potential. So, do something good for your environment by donating your home items instead of throwing them away as far as you are not using them.

Donating used home items is a win-win situation as it helps the planet and other people. Yes, you preserve the environment by helping keep trash away from landfills. You help people living in poverty when you donate clothing to them. Knowing that your used items can benefit others and preserve the environment makes you feel good. Why can’t you donate today?

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